v0.1.5 - Phase I: Framework Completed and Released

v0.1.5 - Phase I: Framework (6/25/2021) Completion of GameDevHQ "Phase I: Framework" requirements



  •  Ammo Collectible: Create a powerup that refills the ammo count allowing the player to fire again
  •  Health Collectible: Create a health collectable that heals the player by 1. Update the visuals of the Player to reflect this. 
  •  Secondary Fire Powerup: Create a new form of projectile. You should already have a triple shot. Include something new from multi direction shot, to heat seeking shots, etc. Replaces the standard fire for 5 seconds. Spawns rarely. I chose to implement "Spray Shot"
  •  Thruster Scaling Bar HUD: Create a UI element to visualize the charge element of your thrusters. Cool Down System required. * Camera Shake: When the player takes damage, provide a subtle camera shake.
  •  Ammo Count: Limit the lasers fired by the player to only 15 shots. When the player is out of ammo, provide feedback through on-screen elements or sound effects. (ie: beep or ammo count displayed on screen).
  •  Thrusters: Move the player at an increased rate when the ‘Left Shift’ key is pressed down. Reset back to normal speed when the ‘Left Shift’ key is released 
  •   Shield Strength: Visualize the strength of the shield. This can be done through UI on screen or color changing of the shield. Allow for 3 hits on the shield to accommodate visualization.


space-shooter-pro-redux-windows.zip 61 MB
Version 0.1.5 Jun 25, 2021
space-shooter-pro-redux-linux.zip 80 MB
Version 0.1.5 Jun 25, 2021
space-shooter-pro-redux-html.zip Play in browser
Version 0.1.5 Jun 25, 2021
space-shooter-pro-redux-mac.zip 74 MB
Version 0.1.5 Jun 25, 2021

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